Choose your Thermostat

Thermostats sense temperature and signals the compressor when to turn on and off. Frigoboat offers mechanical and digital models designed to keep box temperatures within a 2 degree Fahrenheit range of the set point.


  • Mechanical Thermostats operate on the principle that gas in a sealed capillary tube expands and contracts with temperature changes. One end of the tube is attached with good thermal contact to a mounting point on the evaporator, and the pressure expands or contracts bellows within the thermostat. The bellows then act on a switch to open or close the thermostat contacts. The setting knob is graduated 0 through 7, with 7 being coldest.
  • Mechanical Thermostats must be mounted within the scope of the capillary tube, which is approximately 5-feet long.
    Since the tube cannot be lengthened or shortened, the thermostat is usually mounted within the box. In this typically humid condition, Mechanical Thermostats tend to have a short life-span.


  • Digital Thermostats sense air temperatures inside the box as opposed to the evaporator temperature. A thermocouple sensor is mounted in a location within the box where it picks up average air temperature and conveys it to a remote digital display. The Digital Thermostat/Thermometer display and keypad allow the user to set and monitor the box temperature and range.
  • Digital Thermostats offer accurate and steady temperatures, which can be achieved without guesswork.
  • The Digital Thermostat box temperature readā€out is a convenient and popular feature.
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