Digital Thermostats

  • Carel and Coastal models have the same size display and keypad.
  • Carel and Coastal models require a dedicated 12v or 24v power supply.
  • Carel and Coastal come with a stainless steel bezel to aid mounting into a vertical bulkhead.
  • Carel has extra features and a 20-foot sensor.
  • Coastal is a basic model with a 10-foot sensor.
  • Carel and Coastal differ in read-out, setting and features and Coastal is considered to be a good value as the extra features on Carel are rarely accessed when used in normal applications.

Coastal Digital MKII Thermostat/Thermometer (C3001-12)

Coastal MK11 Digital Thermostat

A remote, panel-mounted switch panel with LED display, plus a sensor with 10’ lead. Sensor senses and controls box temperature, which is shown on the display. Buttons enable set point to be adjusted, and other parameters accessed and changed.

Coastal MKII digital thermostat / thermometer, 12v, reading in either Fahrenheit or Celsius, with 10’ foot sensor, conveniently pre-wired for easy installation.

24v Available

Price: $175

Call to Order: 419-299-3862


Carel Digital Thermostat/Thermometer w/10' Sensor (E52260)

Carel Thermostat

Top of the line thermostat and thermometer in 12v or 24v, reading in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. Has a warning alarm.

Price: $253

Call to Order: 419-299-3862

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