Coastal Guardian System MKII Monitor and Speed Control (CGUA111)

Coastal Guardian System Monitor

The Coastal Guardian can be installed on any refrigeration system incorporating a Danfoss BD35 or BD50 compressor, and replaces any existing thermostat. The unit comprises a black plastic panel measuring 5” x 2” that requires a 4.5” x 1.5” cut‐out and a depth of 3”. The panel incorporates a Coastal MK II Digital Thermostat/Thermometer, a compressor speed adjustment knob, and a diagnostic fault LED. The panel is supplied with a 10’ thermostat sensor and a 10’ control cable that connects to the compressor controller. Electrical hook‐up is made simple with slip‐on electrical connectors, and the panel is fully protected by a 2 amp in‐line fuse.

The Coastal Guardian performs three functions:

  • Controls and displays refrigerator or freezer box temperature and compressor operational status.
  • Provides manual compressor speed control. Provides automatic speed control with the addition of the Merlin for maximum possible system efficiency.
  • Gives audible and visual indication of temperature anomalies and system malfunction.

The Coastal MK II Digital Thermostat/Thermometer is pre‐installed and set to work as either a refrigerator or freezer control with a user‐specified set point. Box temperature will be kept within two degrees (adjustable) of the set point, and probe temperature is displayed continuously in degrees and tenths on the three‐segment red LED display. A snowflake symbol is illuminated to indicate that the compressor is operating. Full instructions, with details on how to adjust the temperature set point, differential, temperature scale (Fahrenheit or Celsius), and alarms, are included with the thermostat. The Coastal MK II also features an emergency on‐off routine that is automatically activated if the temperature probe should fail.

Controlling the Compressor Speed

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Price: $225

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