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Ducting kit for Capri 35 (VNA023)

Price: $69.99


Capri 35 Compressor with Guardian Monitor and Merlin

Price: $1,416.00


Capri 35F Compressor with Manual Speed Board (E51430)

Price: $1,094.00


Capri 35 with Merlin (E51430 + 52151)

Capri 35 air cooled condensing unit with Merlin control module automatically runs the compressor at the speed necessary to keep your box at the set temperature. For up to 10cu ft refrigerator or 5 cu ft freezer.

Price: $1,191.00


Capri 35 Compressor

Capri 35 Compressor
The Capri 35 air-cooled compressor/condenser was chosen Best Choice in a test of drop-in refrigeration solutions by Practical Sailor Magazine.

Both units are applicable for refrigerators up to 10 cubic feet and freezers up to 5 cubic feet.

The Capri 35F is particularly suggested for small ice boxes which are properly insulated. Capri 35F is equipped by a fan scroll which permits to duct the exhaust warm air and make easier the installation in a restricted space with poor ventilation.

Capri 35 Measurement Diagrams

  • Danfoss compressor of the latest generation.
  • Extremely compact dimensions.
  • Maximum efficiency.
  • Electrical consumption 25% lower compared to other compressor concepts.
  • Forced air cooling
  • Pre-charged system with Frigoboat self sealing couplings.
  • Automatic battery protection.
  • Automatically runs on either 12 or 24 volts.
  • High quality stainless steel base & shroud.