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Evaporator Flat Plate 380-F-SS (E52185)

380F-SS-Aluminum with stainless steel cover, bendable – 40.25w x 16h

Price: $490.00


Evaporator Flat Plate 180F-SS (E52105)

Flat plate evaporator w/ stainless cover 180F-SS

180F-SS-Aluminum with stainless steel cover, bendable – 22w x 12h

Price: $438.00


Evaporator Flat Plate 380F (E52225)

380F-Aluminum, Bendable – 37.5w x 14.5h

Price: $349.00


Evaporator Flat Plate 200F (E50075)

Flat plate evaporator 200F
200F-Aluminum, Bendable – 40w x 10.5h

Price: $295.00


Flat Plate Evaporator 160F (E50095)

All Aluminum. bendable
13.75” wide x 8.25” high

Price: $339.00


Evaporator Flat Plate 130F (E50085)

Flat plate evaporator 130FAll Aluminum. bendable
24.75” wide x 8.25” high

Price: $259.00


Flat Plate Evaporator 80F (E50881)

Flat plate evaporator 80F

80F-Aluminum, Bendable – 13w x 9.5h #E50881

Price: $300.00


Evaporators - Flat Plate

A flat plate evaporator can convert the box to a refrigerator or a freezer, determined by the temperature at which you set the thermostat (either a digital thermostat or a mechanical freezer or refrigerator thermostat).

The flat plate can be mounted on one wall or bent to conform to the shape of the box.