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Drawer detail
Drawers are available in two variations, “Low” (4.92” high), and “High” (7.87” high). These replace the standard shelving.

Cabinet drawer, lowCabinet drawer, high

  Part Number
MS130 – Low G52165
MS130 – High G52200
MS160, MS180 – Low G52125
MS160, MS180 – High G52130
MS90, MS110 – Low G51685
MS90, MS110 – High G51620

Door Panel Kit

Door Panel Kit

These kits facilitate mounting a customer-supplied door panels. The maximum thickness is 1/8 inch. These kits are available for all models.


Trim Kits

These kits are for mounting cabinets flush in facia. Kit comprises of four-piece flange that mounts on cabinet and provides 1” flange. Available for all models.